The process of due diligence is an extensive investigation process that with an aim to ascertain the ownership right and title over the proposed land parcels and to find out if there is any dispute qua the title of the subject land, where the client proposes to establish its plant / unit.

We offer a complete gamut of services including search, retrieval, analysis and review of all type of legal documents and public records related to any agricultural, residential and commercial land/property. We understand time is of the essence for the transactions and so our objective is to conduct the legal due diligence efficiently, effectually and in time bound manner.

We understand business and its legal implications. Clients’ businesses are our business. We conduct an exhaustive and in-depth search of revenue and public records to determine and confirm legal ownership. Our due diligence reports are comprehensive, integrated and reflect true title / ownership of the land/property. Our due diligence meets the specific requirements of the industry and the transaction. We have conducted due diligence for various private and multinational companies.

We have dedicated team of lawyers to carry out extensive due diligence and provide assistance in land acquisition process. The Firm dedicates itself to providing comprehensive due diligence and title verification of land parcels and properties on pan India basis on the touchstone of providing the most accurate and comprehensive evaluation which is critical, expedient and indispensable for evaluation, investment and transactions.

We offer full range of legal services including the followings:

  • Obtain certified copies of the latest title records from the concerned authorities to verify and validate the ownership status of that particular property / land and provide the same to our clients.
  • Inspection and search at the concerned Sub-Registrar office and revenue offices.
  • Scrutiny of revenue records and investigation of title / ownership
  • Prepare an exhaustive and comprehensive ‘Title Search Report
  • Drafting and review of Sale Deeds, Lease Deeds, Crop Compensation Agreements, Power of Attorneys, Public Notices etc.
  • Documentation to registration of lease deed / sale deeds and recording of respective mutation entries.

We have imbibed and nurtured a comprehensive and diligent understanding of multi state issues and local laws / enactments and renders advice on property due diligence (entailing title verification, encumbrance search, contiguity of lands, land ceiling, permissive land use, construction development, review from the perspective of property) pertaining to ownership and occupancy, leasing, stamping and registration of documents, zoning and permitted usage of the properties, vital aspects regulating construction and development emanating from locational proximity to protected monuments, forest and sanctuaries, coastal regulated zones and issues such as land ceiling, non-transferable lands, lands affected by negative covenants, regulatory and approval issues in the multi-State scenario in India.

Our extensive networks with seasoned local lawyers across cities in India enable us to understand and advise clients whilst factoring in differing local nuances and provide us with an unbeatable edge in delivering to our client’s expectations.

For high quality legal service on Pan India basis